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Madison, Wisconsin

Homestead Title Company has a mission and a passion to provide exceptional, hands-on service. The purchase and sale of a home is one of the most significant events in your life. We know it is not just a "transaction." Homestead takes the time to answer your questions, help you feel comfortable and at ease, and guide you through the title and closing process. Relax, we've got you closed.

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Homestead Title Company is one of the premier title companies in Madison, Wisconsin. Homestead Title Company provides full title insurance and closing services for residential, new construction and commercial transactions in Dane County and throughout Wisconsin. We specialize in making your transaction smooth, easy, and affordable. Our competitive rates and knowledgeable, understanding staff make us the first choice of Realtors, Lenders, For Sale by Owner's (FSBO) and Brokers.

Homestead Title is one of the most experienced title companies in Madison, Wisconsin. Call us with your title and closing needs.

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Homestead Title Services

Homestead Title and its team have a passion for the title business that is unrivaled. Homestead's mission is to make every purchase, sale, and refinance a positive and comfortable experience. We understand that your closing is far more than a "transaction" or "deal." Providing hands-on, professional service has earned Homestead Title Company a reputation for the best service of any title insurance company in Madison and Dane County.

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